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"Sam Crowley’s products should be required in every home and business worldwide. Sam’s message in on-point and always inspiring."

- Jake

Dallas, TX


"A special THANK YOU to Sam Crowley for giving me permission to play big. I found my purpose and combined it with my passion to serve.
Everyday used to be Monday but now it’s Saturday BayBay!

- Jason

Sacremento, CA

Are you ready to get to Saturday and STAY THERE?

Listen, I’m a motivational speaker and I’ve been lucky enough to share the stage with guys like Tony Robbins, Les Brown, and Bob Proctor…

But this isn’t just another motivational speech to cheerlead you to go after your dreams.

This radical challenge is a proven formula to simplify and accelerate your goals in just 6 days so you can achieve your dream lifestyle.

Every day can be Saturday: for you, your family, and the lifestyle that comes with those sunny, relaxing, ice-cream-in-the-park Saturdays.

Don’t get me wrong; I know this probably feels like a stretch.

If you’re anything like I was just a couple decades ago, you’re living in a perpetual Monday with coffee-induced efficiency that yields results for your boss, business, or family, but leaves you unfulfilled, empty and absent.

Or perhaps you’re stuck in Wednesday, “Hump Day,” where you can see the light of

Saturday is just on the horizon, but it never quite seems to arrive.

In The Six Days To Saturday Challenge, I’m going to show you how you can use a simple story to change every area of your life…

Launch and grow businesses… find financial freedom…

Get more motivated...find promotions at work…

Spend more time with the people you love... impact the world around you...

And stop putting off your dreams for some time in the future.

YES! This is powerful… It literally can change your life and help you achieve any goal and dream that you can possibly imagine.


  • Which “day of the week” you’re stuck currently living in and why, so you can get unstuck from the habits, routines, and belief systems that are holding you back from the passion and purpose you’re missing.

  • The pain and perspective that is currently coloring your world and how to break from the stories that are keeping you locked into dull days filled with burnout and obligations that aren’t serving you or the people you’re meant to impact.

  • We’ll uncover your personal and professional goals, even the ones you believe are too audacious to admit out loud.

  • The mind blowingly simple system to identify exactly what’s blocking you from attaining your goals and the super clear way to remove the roadblocks.

  • The 5 key motivational muscles that happy and fulfilled people exhibit and how to flex and strengthen these muscles so you can get to Saturday and stay there.

  • The single most important tool to making success inevitable and the step by step guide to mapping out your Inevitable Action Plan.

  • The 3 Key Tips to KEEPING every day Saturday and ensuring you never end up in a dull rut again and can pass on the ‘Saturday 24/7’ mentality for generations to come.

  • And much more!


  • Six PDF guides, one for each day of the week, with more than 7 hours of audio to work through at your own pace with exercises and activities to guide you as you build your Saturday life.

  • Six audio recordings that accompany each of the guides with hilarious and motivating stories, coaching, and valuable insight from one of the world’s top motivational speakers to help you uncover your own journey to Saturday

  • A 31-page interactive workbook for identifying, journaling through, and building your unique game plan to turn every day of yours into Saturday.


You’ll have lifetime access to all of the challenge materials so you can access the audio files, guides, and workbooks anytime and even share with friends and family.

Listen, I’m so confident that this challenge will transform your life and bring you more fulfillment that I’m willing to give you your money back if you’re not happy with your purchase.

About Sam...

"Daddy, is tomorrow Saturday?"

There are few things worse than spending your working life stuck in a corner cubicle playing office politics. What is worse is the guilt created by a child’s innocent question, asking if you’ll have time to spend with her tomorrow.

No one understands this better than Sam Crowley, who created his wildly successful brand around the ability to make your own rules doing what you love, Every Day is Saturday. After spending years as an executive, Sam went out on a really flimsy limb and finally quit the corporate grind. It was his first daughter who asked that plaintive question, making Sam realize that he was working far more than he was enjoying life.

On that fateful day, he vowed that every day would indeed be a Saturday, giving him time to focus on the real priorities in his life: spending more time with family and doing what he loves.

Sure, the experience has had its ups and downs, but that’s what makes Sam such an engaging coach, fascinating speaker and successful author.

His podcast is often funny, sometimes poignant, always relevant having had over 20 Million downloads in over 150 countries worldwide since its launch. His audiences at live and recorded events include C-level corporate executives and small business owners, entrepreneurs across the globe and anyone who wants to learn how to harness their passion and turn it into a lucrative career.

Sam’s list of books is growing, which now includes One More Breath, No More Work Days: the Journey to Making Every Day a Saturday and Sell From Stage (Without Toasting Rubber Chickens).

Sam lives in Ohio with his wife Angela and their four children. When he isn’t spending time with his family, he’s working on honey-do projects, focusing on his real estate holdings and coming up with the next great Every Day is Saturday product.

Isn’t it time you got all fired up at the prospect of facing a new day? Isn’t it time you started loving what you do and doing what you love? Quit trading your precious time for a paycheck. Understand that life is not a dress rehearsal – no one gets out alive.


"Sam’s energy is off the chart amazing. He always inspires me to live LARGE!
I listen to his audios daily and can’t think of a better way to start my day.

- Cathy

Los Angeles, CA


"Sam’s motivational audios are exactly what you need to start each day.

His positive attitude is infectious and his teachings easy to follow.
Dive into Sam Crowley’s trainings today!

- Murray

Boston, MA


"’I've listened to a lot of speakers in my lifetime and I can honestly say that Sam Crowley is the best. He not only talks the talk but walks the walk on his way to Saturday.


Orlando, FL


"I found Sam’s audios online and have devoured ALL of them. Being a business owner can be lonely at times. Sam knows exactly how to keep you focused and inspired!


- Chrissy

Scranton, PA